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A Wacom tablet is an input device for a computer that is mostly used by graphic designers, photographers and artists. It can also be used with a smartphone. Are Wacom tablets worth the cost? A Wacom tablet is a great tool for sketch artists and graphic designers who are looking to capture their creations in a digital format.
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Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Tablet

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Wacom Tablet

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Wacom Tablet

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Wacom Tablet

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Wacom Tablet

Best Battery Backups in 2021

Unexpected power outages are one of the most annoying things. We’ve all lost documents and data at some point — and that’s on the lucky end of the experiential spectrum. We needn’t recall Texas’s deadly and enduring power grid failure last February to know that losing a doc to the ether is small-time. But orders of “check yo’self” magnitude aside, Unexpected power outages can cause serious damage to electrical equipment in the field as well as the wiring and personal electronics within your home. But, in most scenarios, it’s nothing that a little common sense (like using surge protectors to power sensitive equipment), light research, and a tiny amount of coin can’t mitigate. It’s not the most exciting product on earth, but it’s so worth it to avoid losing work.

Despite their numerous applications, implementing and maintaining a battery backup is stupid simple. Plug the backup unit into a grounded, three-pronged wall outlet, then plug computers and other computational or smart devices into the battery backup system. Then, when the power goes out, it triggers the integrated battery within the unit to go full, sparky send. This reaction is meant to buy time for those affected by unexpected outages. Very few backups can last more than a few minutes, but in most domestic situations, a few minutes is time enough to save the fruits of one’s digital labors and power those ‘puters down safely, not abruptly.

We’ve been searching for the best battery backup, and we’ve narrowed it down to a select, lauded few. Within our selection of battery backups, we aimed to run the specs gamut: applications, capacities, sizes, ancillary features, and, of course, pricing.

Wacom Intuos Pro

When it comes to accurate image post production, a graphic tablet is must-have. The Wacom Intuos was created to imitate a large sheet of paper – a tactile experience that many young digital artists may not have experienced while using the mouse. Picture retouching becomes more precise and faster. The user selects the orientation of the gadget and the way it will be displayed on the computer screen. You will find eight customizable express keys and a touch ring on one side of the tablet.

The power switch and touch function switch are located on the side of the tablet next to the hotkeys. The optional USB module is found on the opposite side. The Wacom Pro Pen 2 contains additional overhangs. The pen has two buttons that are easily adjusted. Turn it upside down and you can use it as an eraser. This is one of the best Wacom tablets for drawing and has a rubber grip at the bottom to keep it in place, and its thin profile makes it easy to move or store in cramped spaces.

Wacom Intuos Art

Wacom Intuos Art Medium is the best Wacom tablet for beginners. Unlike other companies’ tablets, it has very high-quality software – Corel Painter Essentials 5. Though it is meant for professionals, it is very easy to learn. The Wacom Intuos Medium model has four function keys and you can set them to perform any command available via hotkeys. For example, the tablet can be configured in completely different ways for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. The stylus in the kit has two buttons on the side but does not have an eraser. The stylus is thinner than the usual Intuos Pro. Though there is no rubber grip, the tablet won’t slip due to the textured surface.

This tablet is not heavy and is convenient to hold and draw. Installing tablet drivers does not require any effort. Wacom usually provides excellent support for Mac and Windows drivers. You are also able to use a multi-touch feature. The Intuos Art Medium has its predefined gestures for particular functions. Some of them can be familiar, as they are very similar to the gestures that you might have already used on a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the model has a wired system, and if you want to get a wireless connection, you must buy the module separately.

Wacom Bamboo One

This Wacom graphic tablet is one of their cheapest devices, which was created mostly for rare use or those who are only beginning with editing photos or digital drawing. The company has been manufacturing tablets for many years, especially their Bamboo line. They regularly improve their Wacom Bamboo tablet to add updated designs and the latest features. At the time, it was one of the best tablets in its price range with the largest drawing area. This model is equipped with a new, more ergonomic and more functional Wacom tablet pen. They increased the pressure sensitivity by changing it from 1024 to 2048 levels.

APC UPS BX1500M Battery Backup & Surge Protector

The APC BX1500M was another strong contender to be our Best Choice product. It’s just as stacked with features as the CyberPower and Tripp-Lite UPS systems we’ve looked at and, in our opinion, it’s one of the best looking. First, though, we should mention this company’s credentials. APC (American Power Conversion Corporation) have been making electronic peripherals, products for data centers, and UPS systems for years and they’re one of the biggest names in the business.

In terms of aesthetic, this battery backup & surge protector is one of the best backup batteries around. It’s a small matte black tower, with an LCD screen and an attractive APC logo carved into the side. It has cooling vents around the body, which keep it from overheating and add to the sleek look of the product. Like the Cyberpower CP1500AVRLCD, it will look right at home next to your modern computer setup. But, you’re probably not buying a UPS system for the way it looks, so let’s get into the features.

Wacom Intuos

The Wacom Cintiq 22HD is a Wacom tablet display. Many experts consider it the best drawing tablet for artists. The quality of the screen is excellent. One thing I noticed in the display is that at certain times of the day, there was a glare since the screen is not completely matte. There was also a problem with the display being scratched too easily. This Wacom tablet also comes with 18 programmable Express Keys, nine on each side of the tablet. In our opinion, this number of Express Keys is more than enough for any professional photo editor, especially if they are combined with each other, as well as with gestures. In total, there are more than 100 combinations.

The tablet comes with DVI and USB slots that you need to connect before using the tablet. The stand that comes with this tablet works well. While drawing, you can use different degrees of tilt so the tablet is always in the desired position. The Wacom tablet pen has a smaller and more smooth design that feels better in the hand than older models. This Wacom device is probably the best tablet for a professional artist who needs more workspace.

How to Choose the Best Wacom Tablet?

Choosing the best Wacom tablet for photoshopping can be difficult. Therefore, this review highlights some key points that will make your work easier.

Display Quality

The quality of the screen resolution will make or break your work. A high definition screen is highly recommended for showcasing high-quality art pieces. In addition, it is better to choose the best Wacom tablet, which displays with amazing clarity and excellent color quality. This will not only inspire you but also allow you to focus more on creating high-quality designs.


The screen width should be considered as well. For professional purposes, the wide screen is effective because it allows you to easily move, scroll and scale, and most importantly, draw or edit photos on the screen. The small screen of pen tablets for Photoshop is tedious to work with. It is connected to the fact that creating thinner lines on drafts can be quite inconvenient if you don’t zoom in to get a better overall view.


Of course, the most expensive tablets always come with the best quality and amazing features for your business or hobby. Still, the best Wacom tablet for drawing is an inexpensive tablet that you can purchase without spending a fortune. Luckily, there is a wide variety of tablets on the market that come at a good price with the best features you could want.

Type of Work

When buying a Wacom tablet, you should consider the type of work you want to perform. To avoid regrets and disappointments, you should also consider the amount of work you want to do. There are different kinds of tablets for such tasks as drawing, sketching, picture enhancement and more. Besides, your tablet of choice depends on whether you are engaged in a hobby, professional photography work or graphic design. If that’s the case, the functionality of the Wacom tablet should live up to your expectations.


The tablet must be efficient enough to accommodate all the necessary software, such as creative design packages. This will be reflected in the computing power of the tablets. Working with them should be easy, too, with the presence of shortcuts and custom keys that are relevant to the desires of users. Another thing to point out is that a Wacom tablet pen must be sensitive enough to draw faster and faster with each button press. You can see this feature in Osu! tablets too.


Everyone has different strategies in their working process. While drawing or sketching, some people prefer to stand, while others may want to sit down or put the tablet on their knees. A good Wacom tablet must be flexible in order to adapt itself to any position that suits the user. The best Wacom tablet can also be supplied with a rotating stand that allows you to have different angles of view depending on your preferred work position.


Another important aspect to keep in mind is the way your tablet connects to a computer. If your computer is quite old, the only way out is to use USB 2. Modern tablets are unlikely to have/require USB 3. Anyway, a USB 3 connector perfectly matches a USB 2 port and works without problems. Advanced computers can support the connection via Bluetooth.